1. There are no wrong answers.

The point of user testing is to find where the site is confusing, frustrating, has errors, etc so don’t worry about the ‘right’ way to do things or if you’re doing something ‘wrong’. Simply interact with the site, in the frame of mind of the scenario provided to you and you’ll be golden.

Do what makes sense to you, explain why it makes sense, and document what happens. Always be articulating your thoughts.

“I am looking for X, I think it would be over here so I’m going to check that out. Oh that’s not what I expected to see, I expected to see X”

“Okay so I didn’t find it there… so I’m going to look over here where it says X, I think that is related to it because…”

2. Do not read text out loud generally

Customers know what their site says. If you need to read something comment on why you want to read it, then be silent while you read it. After you finish reading, provide your thoughts on that copy.

“I’m looking for some information to see if X has Y feature… I’m going to read this paragraph and see if I can find out there. (reads paragraph) Okay so this is saying that X has…”

Did you discover what you thought you would? Did it answer your question or clarify something? Or did it confuse you more? Or explain what you think it meant.

Make sure you follow the tasks.

If you have specific knowledge on the product, brand, industry, etc state that in the video at some point. For example, if you are given a Forex site to review and you trade in your spare time. That’s something interesting to mention because the customer may place more emphasis on your feedback knowing that.

3. Make sure to answer every question in the tasks

Sometimes a feature in the website can draw your attention and you focus more time on that than in the actual question. That's not necessarily a bad thing! We love when testers provide extra feedback outside the task's questions. Although, please make sure that all questions in the tasks have been answered, even if you couldn't find the answer:

"I have no idea where to find this information, I've already looked in all possible places and tried X, Y, Z . I expected to find this out in these sections. But since I couldn't find it, I'll move on to the next task".

That’s it!

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