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Why wasn't I accepted as a reviewer?
Why wasn't I accepted as a reviewer?

What happens if I fail training?

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Reviewers who have not been accepted into our pool will not have another immediate chance to try a second time. We realized that retaking qualification tests would be unreasonable.

Our qualification test should analyze how you explore a website that you've never seen before. Taking the exact same test again would take away the spontaneity of it and consequently our ability to understand if you're a good fit for our company.

The reasons why your application has been denied are likely to be one of the below:

  • Didn't provide valuable feedback in your video;

  • Pronunciation/sound wasn't clear enough so our moderators could understand what you were saying.

  • Didn't speak your thoughts out loud and we couldn't follow your thought process, which we consider to be the main aspect of usability testing.

  • Did not follow instructions properly/didn't answer all questions asked in the tasks

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