The entire process from claiming the test, reading the instructions and submitting the link must be done through your mobile device.

>> For your own privacy, set your device to do not disturb”, so you won't get any notifications in the middle of a test.

For iOS and Android 11: Check out the instructions on how to record your screen using the built in tool here.

For Android 10 and previous versions, you can use the screen recorder that better suits you. We recommend AZ Screen Recorder. You can check out the instructions here.

1. Log in through your mobile device.

  • Access Conversion Crimes from your phone’s browser.

  • Tap the “Menu” icon on the top right corner

  • Log in and access your dashboard:

2. Open VidGrid

  • Click the button to launch the video uploader. This will open a new tab, you need to keep the VidGrid tab open until your test is finished.


3. Upload the video to VidGrid

  • Once you've finished your recording, go back to the VidGrid tab you kept open, tap the Upload button, and choose the video from your Photo Gallery.

4. Copy the "embed" link

  • Once your video has been uploaded, click “embed” to copy the link to the clipboard.

5. Paste the link to Conversion Crimes

Paste the link to the “Video Link” area on the test’s results page, and click “Save test result”:

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