Welcome to the DoJo where we’ll be training you up to be a Level 1 Conversion Crimes Agent.

What you’ll need to succeed:

  • A fast and stable internet connection to upload your test video.

  • A computer (Mac or PC). If you have an Android or Apple device you can also perform mobile and app testing (coming soon)

  • A microphone. Most laptops have one built in, you can also use headphones with a mic.

  • Be eager to explore a website and narrate your experience.

The Training Process

Once you create your tester account you’ll be able to enroll in the tester training from your dashboard.

The Conversion Crimes tester training includes 2 sessions you’ll have to go through to become a certified tester.

  • 5-10 minute first impression test

  • 10-15 minute engagement test

Click ‘take test’ in order to claim a test, from which point you will have 120-minutes to finish the test. If you don’t complete a test within the 120-minute timeframe, it automatically becomes unclaimed again.

Once you start your test will you’ll be asked to go through each task until completed. After each session you’ll be brought back to your dashboard where, if available, you’ll be able to take another test.

In this training, you must wait for your test to be moderated (evaluated and given feedback) before you can move onto the next test.

This is so you can learn from each training test and apply your feedback to the next one! Once you’ll have completed and passed the sample tests you may begin working on customer tests.

So what are these 2 training tests all about?

5-10-minute First Impression Test

The purpose of this quick session and type of test is to see what your immediate reaction and thoughts about a website are.

How to successfully pass this session:

Customers want to understand what people think of their website before even having the chance to scroll through it or click on anything. Look at the page and provide your honest immediate thoughts as they come to you.

The purpose of this test is to be short and sweet and learn if you understand quickly what the site is about or not. You may be asked to find specific information about a product. In this part we want to know how successful you are in speaking your thoughts out loud and how you engage with a new website.

10-15 Minute Engagement Test

With these two tests you’ll be given a scenario that will help you go get in the right frame of mind and how you engage with the site according to the scneario. This helps our customers understand how their customers would use the website to achieve an outcome.

How to successfully pass these:

Our customers have a hard time understanding how outsiders interact with their websites for the first time. While completing the tasks imagine yourself as the person in the scenario presented and act accordingly on the website with that frame of mind. While doing this, articulate what you are thinking: why you want to take certain action or look for things in specific places and is what happened afterwards what you expected?

For example: “I’m looking for a new sailboat, I see “boats” in the menu, so I’m going to click there. I think maybe I’ll find specific kinds of boat categories. Oh, okay. Not what I expected. I expected to see a listing of all the different kinds of boats you guys have for sale, not…”

Some businesses will require you to go through more elaborate processes than simply scrolling their websites and finding a product. You might be asked to sign up and then log into their platform, and to even check your email address to confirm any messages and notifications they might send out. In the case of needing an email address to sign up for something, please use a temporary and anonymous email service such as Mailinator or mailpoof. It’s free. We also have a little tip that might be helpful: create a Gmail account that you use only for testing.

Take your first training test.

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