We really want Conversion Crimes to have the best testers around. In order to do so, our standards have to be a little more stringent when compared to the other usability sites. Here are some of the key points that that will ensure a good test:

  • Frame of mind: Stick to the scenario set for the test.

  • Task execution: Follow the task instructions properly.

  • Articulate Thoughts: Articulate your thoughts well and expand on comments.

  • Video & Audio Quality: Make sure you are in a quiet environment, you are speaking clearly, and the video is clear as well.

The following is how the process works:

  • When you first sign up for Conversion Crimes, you will be given 2 short training tests. These are in-house tests, not tests from our clients. All training tests need to be taken and passed within one week's time - this can vary due to our moderator's availability too. You won't be disqualified if your tests take longer to be accepted due to a delay in moderation.

  • After you submit your first training test, one of our friendly moderators will watch the test and then give you feedback. Please take that feedback to heart and if you do not understand some of it or have questions, please feel free to ask them. Our mods are here for you and want you to succeed!

  • If you pass the first test, you'll move on to the second test and the process will repeat. If you do not pass the test, you'll be given a chance to retake it.

  • After completing the final test, our mods will review and rate it. The final test can only be taken once.

If you pass all tests with an average of 3.5 stars you will be moved into the general pool of testers and can start taking tests!

if you do not pass the training tests with a 3.5 average, unfortunately you will not be able to join our testing pool and that will be the end of our relationship, for now.

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