The general consensus amongst UX practitioners is to avoid getting too specific when finding users. The majority of products should be clear and easy to use by anyone.

Customers can ask for specific demographics and niche knowledge, but it doesn’t get granular to the point of an exact target match, though. User testing is more for usability, rather than market research.

However, if you need specific demographics we offer the following selections:

  • Male/Female

  • Under 30 / Over 30

  • Married/Not Married

  • Pets /No Pets

  • College Grad / Not College Grad

  • Urban/ Suburban or Rural

  • No kids / kids at home

  • Android/iOS

  • Household income

In addition, we offer a write-in option where you can specify things like, “speaks French” “reads the news” “manager” “plays chess” and “interested in sports.”

Keep in mind if you get really specific it may take longer to complete your test.

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