Downloading & setting up VidGrid

1. Claim the test, then download VidGrid Software.

You won't be able to download VidGrid before taking the first test with us. Every time you claim a new test, you'll be redirected to the VidGrid uploader.

You won’t be required to open an account, but you must download the software on your computer only for the first time using it.

Before launching the screen recorder, you’ll see the test's scenario.

Once you move on, the next page will require you to click “Open video recorder”, then you’ll be redirected to Vidgrid uploader. You need to keep the uploader tab open until your test is finished. If you shut it down, you won't be able to open it again.

2. Open and install

Click the download icon to open the software. Then, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can record your video.

3. Configure settings

For Desktop, click ‘record video’ to get started. Please make sure to leave this tab open! You’ll need it by the end of the test so you can upload the video.

Make sure to enable your microphone and to record fullscreen:

Once you’re done with the test, click the Check button to finish the recording:

4. Name your video on VidGrid

Once you finished your test, you'll be redirected to the results page (where you paste the link to your video). There, you’ll be given a file name. You’ll find it below the “How would you describe the website in 3 words”:

Type in the file name to the video title before sending your video, and click “Looks good” to move forward:


Make sure to click “embed” to copy the link to the clipboard. We can’t use the share links in our platform, you must click the embed link in order for us to link your video to the customer test.

5. Paste the embed link

After that, paste the embed link to the Conversion Crimes result page as you normally would, and submit your test result!

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