What’s in it for me?

Usability testing is a great way to earn a side income by completing micro-tasks that are up to 25 minutes long.

Depending on the length of the test the pay ranges from $18-$60 per hour and averages about $28/hr based on our data.

Get paid per test taken

Tests can be ordered by our customers in 4 different sizes and the pay per test is as follows:

1 task tests = $1
Simple First Impression Tests that are 1-5 minutes long.

3 task tests = $3

Quick tests that are 5-10 minutes long.

6 task tests = $5

Medium sized tests that are 10-15 minutes long. (Most popular)

12 task tests = $7
Longer tests that are usually 15-20 minutes long. Sometimes, 25 mins.

Payments are processed once a week, by PayPal.  

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